1431 NW 65th St

Brief Summary Of The Proposal:

Demolish Two existing Apartment buildings located at 1431 & 1439 NW 65th St. Construct One New 42 unit Apartment building.

Project/Property Address(s):

1431 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98107

SDCI Project Number(s):


Applicant/Contact Person:

Andrew Novion – NOVION GROUP INC.



Feedback can be submitted:

Directly to the applicant via email:


Through our interactive website:


Through our online survey:


Please label your emailed feedback and/or comments:

“Feedback for 008293-21PA" in the subject line.

Feedback and comments will be accepted through:

February 28, 2022

A community meeting open to the general public will be held:

Rule Authority

Seattle Municipal Code subsections 23.41.014.B, 23.41.016.B, and 23.41.018.B.


Seattle Ordinance No. 125429 added requirements to Chapter 23.41 SMC that all projects going through Streamlined, Administrative, or Full Design Review shall conduct community outreach. Specifically, applicants shall prepare a community outreach plan and document compliance with the community outreach plan before the early design guidance (EDG) meeting can be scheduled.  The purpose of the community outreach plan (hereafter “plan”) is to identify the outreach methods an applicant will use to establish a dialogue with nearby communities early in the development process in order to share information about the project, better understand the local context, and hear community interests and concerns related to the project. Overarching Goal. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure that applicants provide early notification to the local community that a project is being planned as well as opportunity for the local community to engage in a dialogue with the applicant about the project. Further, the intent of this outreach is to be inclusive of interested parties to allow for a diversity of neighborhood perspectives to be heard.

Additional information about the project can be found:

SDCI - Seattle Services Portal:

Seattle Department of Neighborhood:

Applicants shall include a summary of the design-related feedback they heard during their community outreach as part of their final EDG packet. While a collaborative approach is encouraged between the applicant and the community, the applicant is not required to incorporate any specific community feedback into the project’s design. Comments and discussion should focus on compliance with the established design guidelines. Applicants may, at their discretion, respond directly to the community about any feedback that is not related to Design Review.

Retention of Public Records

All outreach materials and information sent or gathered as part of this Community Outreach effort are public records subject to the Washington Public Records Act, and may be subject to disclosure to a third-party requestor. Applicants should follow best practices for managing the data collected during public engagement, as provided by the City of Seattle. All relevant records will be retained and must be provided to City of Seattle if requested to fulfill a records request.

1431 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98107
1431 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98107
1431 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98107